Like many travelers coming to the beautiful islands of Greece, I always felt I could not afford to travel to Crete and stay at one of the island’s magnificent all-inclusive Crete resorts. As a matter of fact, I usually search online for the best and cheapest price range I can find within my budget. That way I could stay a little longer than if I had to put everything out in lodging. In my mind, the Crete resorts were nothing more than a dream destination for people with lots of money. I was under the impression they were all quite extravagant — and not for the average person. Wrong!

The tourist industry in Greece is based on many things — hotels, attractions, events, historical sites, restaurants, travel agencies, and the popular Crete resorts that are spread throughout the island — providing a substantial income for the island’s economy. With a little research on my part, I found out that the origin of the first resort dates back to 1950 with Club Méditerranée, a French organization that was also referred to as Club Med. Things have changed a lot since then even though there are many all-inclusive resorts still available. The current resorts are designed for a slightly diversified area of special-interest groups: families with children, young couples, older couples, singles, and resorts simply for relaxation and unwinding.

One place I admire the most is the Plakias Bay Hotel, a very sweet and kind lodging with friendly service that lies near the small resort village of Plakias of southern Crete. Unlike the busy northern resort areas, it has always seemed to me that Plakias had much more to offer me with its quiet and peaceful calm. With such a wide variety of destination resorts to pick from, I found that tourists enjoy themselves more if they can stay in areas that cater more to their likes and dislikes — choosing a resort based on personal tastes and preferences. They are also more likely to return to the island for future vacations, which are based on the enjoyment of previous trips, personal satisfaction, and vacationing with like-minded visitors and friendly locals.

With such a variety of Crete resorts on the island, the fact that I could choose an affordable resort based on my interests and enjoyments was a big plus for me. I could stay at a resort of my choice and attend attractions, sightseeing, and events in the area. Of course, my favorite things involve history and the island’s spectacular scenery, with ancient archeological monuments and relics spread throughout the island. Crete is an island filled with cultural tourism and spectacular scenery for everyone — including me.

What I found interesting throughout the island was that not only were there affordable resorts for the average person, but resorts that would provide everything I needed – food, lodging, gas, transportation, spas, swimming, swimming facilities, laundry facilities, tourist departments, and business centers.

A resort town like Plakias has the advantages of having all the resort facilities but with a small town attitude, reflected in the comfortable and very friendly Plakias Bay Hotel. An all-inclusive resort refers to everything being supplied under one roof or one organization at one charge while such a small resort provides everything close by — but more affordable for someone on a budget plan.

Either way, the Crete resort is a way to simplify my life so I can enjoy my vacation doing everything I want. The Crete resorts are able to fit the needs of everyone visiting this special island – including myself – and are something I found I can afford.

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