When I first visited the island of Crete and made my reservation at the popular Plakias Bay Hotel, one of the Hotel Crete guide hotels, my attention focused immediately on the island of Crete as the hub of the earliest Minoan civilization and mythical home of the Gods. History was something I had always enjoyed throughout my life, and the fact Crete was surrounded by it was an enormous plus. Of course, another advantage for me was that Crete was one of the premier Greek vacation designations for all of Europe.

Since my first trip to Greece, I have found I could get plenty of updated information through the island’s annual Hotel Crete lodging guide … but on a local level. I also checked for hotel lodging in Plakias at the Plakias Bay Hotel, a comfortable and laid-back family hotel with warm and caring hospitality that drew in older guests, families with children, young couples and those who traveled solo – like me. In the guide itself, I had found excellent information about Hotel Crete that provided excellent hotel reviews and detailed listings of each hotel’s activities or their local beach. The Hotel Crete guide always has plenty of things in it about each hotel and local beaches, with water sports, natural sites, and local Greek entertainment and food. One example is that, in Plakias a cute little wheel-drawn train in the village, takes everyone to visit the area’s activities and events that are lots of fun.

The Plakias Bay Hotel where I stayed at for my first visit had been one of the friendliest and most comfortable hotels I had ever stayed at – which is why I have stayed there ever since. I loved the homemade Greek food and the private balconies from the very beginning. There service is beyond friendly and pleasant, with all kinds of amenities a guest could ever want for. There are always plenty of returning tourists at this lovely hotel, enjoying the nearby village of Plakias and its surroundings. Returning tourists enjoy its warm hospitality and charming personalities – couples, solo travelers, groups of friends, and families with children, know the village.

Over the years, not only has the island of Crete become extremely popular among sport lovers and nature friends like me – but so has the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Plakias Bay Hotel. I have found it a favorite lodging for those who wish to unwind in a small-town setting yet enjoy the unbelievable outdoors that nearby areas provide. I always come back home an entirely different person. In Plakias Bay Hotel, they received a high rating by guests of a high 8.6 out of a possible 10 in both hotel cleanliness and friendliness of staff. Ialso met happy visitors from countries such as Denmark, Austria, Germany, Czech, France, and the Netherlands who were staying at this peaceful hotel.

Renowned for its fascinating Minoan history, legends and ancient myths, adding to its sightseeing list in the Hotel Crete guide are numerous historical monuments that have come down through the centuries. Combined with plenty of natural sites that have made it a popular place for leisurely walks, hiking and water sports, there are numerous activities that are within walking distance of most hotels. This is an advantage of staying at the Plakias Bay Hotel, in addition to the convenient Hotel Crete guide listed flights arriving within two hours from main airports located at Heraklion and Chania.

I found that part of the allure of each hotel in Crete is the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with its golden beaches, combined with warm weather over 300 days of the year. With the nearby beach listed as a Blue Flag beach, visitors can enjoy leisurely walks while photographing the beautiful Plakias Bay.

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